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New Version of COMcheck Released

This month (July 2010) the U.S. Department of Energy has released version 3.8.0 of its free COMcheck software (for the Windows operating system).

You can visit their site ( ) to learn more and to download this new version of the software.  An older version is also available for the Mac.

“The COMcheck materials (software, manual code compliance, and reference guides) simplify and clarify commercial and high-rise residential energy code compliance. Forms and checklists are included for documenting compliance.”

“The COMcheck software simplifies energy code compliance by offering a flexible computer-based alternative to manual calculations.”

“The COMcheck-Web online code compliance tool is the web-based version of the COMcheck desktop software. It performs just like the desktop version but requires no download or installation.”

COMcheck version 3.8.0 introduces the Oregon state energy code. Multiple whole building types can now be specified under energy codes that allow such consideration. Track and low voltage lighting have been added to the interior lighting tab, and interior lighting reports have been consolidated into a single report. ASHRAE 90.1 envelope trade-off compliance index calculations now consider lighting power adjustments. An optional input for visible light transmittance has been added to the envelope tab. The ability to add customized descriptions of building and exterior use areas has been added. ASHRAE 90.1-1989 and 90.1-1999, and 1998 IECC are no longer supported in COMcheck. Numerous corrections to mechanical system requirements have been made.

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